Do you desire to place an advertisement to play on the radio. CIFA FM can give you this service. We work with you to craft the perfect ad for your product, business, event or ogranization, and can offer you packages with competitive prices. Radio advertising really works!

"As the summer retail season kicked off this year, Home Depot bought nearly a quarter of a million radio commercials in just two weeks. For those of you who sell AM radio advertising, a large number of those radio commercials run on radio networks that air heavily on AM radio stations.

On May 5, Home Depot released their latest financial report. Same-store sales out performed their own forecast of 4% to 5.5%. Revenues and profits were also up better than forecast.

Home Depot out performed others in the category by a wide margin, the category was up 4.3% but Home Depot was up 6%.

But before you think it’s all about low price, the average Home Depot shopper’s ticket grew 3.9% and the sale per square foot of store space grew 4.6%. Sale of big-ticket items, priced $900 or more, rose 15.8%."



  • Strength: 40 kW
  • Frequency: 104,1 FM
  • Total population: 40 000
  • French population: 13 000
  • Began: September 1990

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